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Celebrate “Better Breakfast Month” Every Weekend at the Boot!

The month of September is “Better Breakfast Month,” and a better breakfast is exactly what you get every Saturday & Sunday when you join us for the best weekend brunch in Des Moines! We offer lots of hearty and delicious breakfast items at Wobbly Boots Roadhouse in Clive when we open early on the weekends at 9 am. To get you even more excited about that, here are a few reasons why breakfast is often called “the most important meal of the day.”

Breakfast Fuels Your Day

If you’ve gotten a full night’s sleep, it’s been a good 8-10 hours at least since the last time you ate. You need to refuel your body in the morning to give it the energy you need to get your day started on the right foot. A good breakfast is a perfect way to do this, and if you let yourself enjoy the many delicious choices we have to offer every weekend, you know it’s going to taste amazing too!

Breakfast Improves Your Mood

Without the energy you get from eating a good breakfast, you’re very likely to start your day feeling sluggish, irritable, and not at your best. A well-balanced meal early in the day keeps you alert, making you more productive, and ultimately improving your mood. Other things that will improve are your concentration, hand-eye coordination, creativity, and attention span. (You want all your wits about you when you’re enjoying all of those weekend football games!)

Breakfast Helps You Maintain a Healthy Weight

Many people think that if they skip breakfast, it means fewer calories will be consumed that day. On the contrary, missing breakfast means that you are much more likely to snack off and on, meaning you could end up taking in more calories than if you’d just let yourself have breakfast to begin with. You also get an early morning metabolism boost from breakfast which helps you burn calories throughout the day.

Better Breakfast Choices at the Boot

As we mentioned earlier, we serve a delicious brunch every Saturday & Sunday beginning at 9 am and we keep it going until 1:30 pm. That means it crosses over with lunch, giving you the chance to enjoy either one and make sure everyone in your group gets exactly what they’re hungry for. You’ll find breakfast classics that aren’t quite like our regular BBQ dishes, but there are also quite a few menu items that incorporate our award-winning hickory-smoked meats to create new breakfast favorites for you.

There are deliciously fun dishes like our Sausage, Egg, & Good Ol’ Gravy Pizza and our Wobbly Mac & Egg Bake Skillet. We’ve got perfectly portioned meals for the kids and plenty of a la carte options if you want to make up your own meal. The very best part about enjoying brunch at Wobbly Boots BBQ on the weekend this time of year is that you’re already in your favorite seat when all the college football games start on Saturday and you’re here early for NFL action every Sunday!  Get in the habit of enjoying a better breakfast every day and the best breakfast every weekend right here with us!



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