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The Intriguing History of Happy Hour

With a name like “Happy Hour,” you expect it to bring a smile to your face, right? Well, the best Happy Hour in Des Moines does exactly that for a few glorious few hours after the chaos of work and before heading home to your responsibilities there. Wobbly Boots Roadhouse in Clive offers that wonderful time every Monday-Friday from 3-6 pm, and it’s the perfect place to meet up with old friends and maybe even make a few new ones!

The First “Happy Hours”

It all began with the crew aboard the USS Arkansas in 1913. They would schedule regular periods of entertainment to keep everyone in good spirits. The crew referred to these scheduled distractions as “Happy Hours.” Various forms of entertainment took place during these, including boxing, wrestling, music, dancing, and movies. By the end of World War I, the entire United States Navy had picked up the practice.

Secret Speakeasies

Prohibition brought along with it the next form of Happy Hour. Alcohol was illegal during this time, but that didn’t mean that people had stopped drinking it. Many chose to meet up at a local speakeasy or each other’s homes to enjoy a few secret cocktails before heading out to a restaurant where alcohol was not allowed. This practice of enjoying a few cocktails before dinner is much closer to what today’s Happy Hour has turned into.

Happy Hour at the Boot

If you’re in the Des Moines area, you are welcome to come into Wobbly Boots Roadhouse any day of the week for a few relaxing drinks, tasty food, and great conversation. If you happen to come in between 3-6 pm any Monday-Friday, then you still get all of that, but at a special discounted price – aka: Happy Hour!

Happy Hour at the Boot offers $3 draft beers. We’ve got 18 different brews on tap at all times, and we always feature quite a few of Iowa’s best craft selections on that list. Our fully stocked bar is capable of mixing up all of your favorite drinks, and during Happy Hour we have a nice list of specialty drinks available at very special prices.

Stick Around for Dinner

Once you’re thoroughly relaxed and having a great time, you might as well continue the fun and stick around for dinner too! We’ve got a menu full of the best BBQ in Des Moines, plus lots of other delicious dishes if you’re not in the mood for BBQ, like salads, flatbreads, and the best burgers in the Midwest. The atmosphere is welcoming and completely family-friendly, so have the kids come on out and join you for dinner as well. An evening at Wobbly Boots BBQ is always the perfect way to make everyone happy!

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