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7 Fun Facts About an Irresistible Side Dish – Good Ol’ Mac & Cheese

Even though Wobbly Boots Roadhouse‘s homemade Mac & Cheese is most often considered a side dish, for some people it’s a big reason they dine at our BBQ restaurant in Des Moines. Our version is so rich, creamy, and savory that it’s nearly as famous as our award-winning hickory-smoked BBQ!

As a matter of fact, we make an entire meal out of it on the kids’ menu and it’s even become a main ingredient on one of our signature burgers. (Appropriately known as the Mac & Cheese Burger.) If you are a mac & cheese fan (and we know you all are) you will be interested to learn the intriguing facts we found out about this tasty treat.

  • English Origins

    Since macaroni is pasta, many assume it’s an Italian dish but it is actually of English origin.

  • It’s a Classic

    There is evidence that this dish made of pasta and cheese has been around since the 14th century. Two recipes were found in medieval cookbooks. One was made with parmesan and pasta and the other contained fresh, hand-cut pasta sandwiched between a mix of melted butter and cheese.

  • From Italy to the U.S.

    Even though this dish is English in origin, the story of mac & cheese coming to the United States did begin in Italy. American president Thomas Jefferson discovered the food while in Paris. In 1793, he commissioned the American ambassador to Paris to purchase the machine used for making macaroni. Not quite able to recreate the taste he fell in love with, Jefferson later had macaroni and parmesan cheese imported to Monticello, his primary plantation. There he served this favorite food at a state dinner as “a pie called macaroni” and our country’s fascination with mac & cheese was born.

  • Making the Top Ten

    Mac & cheese is consistently in top ten lists for favorite comfort foods as well as favorite kids’ foods. (We believe the mac & cheese at the Boot is delicious enough to claim the #1 spot on both of those lists!)

  • A Famous Color

    Macaroni & cheese become a Crayola crayon color in 1993 as a part of their orange hue family.

  • The Perfect Pairing

    Apparently, it is said the burgundy wine is the perfect wine to pair with mac & cheese. We’re definitely willing to give that a try, but we also enjoy it with an ice-cold Iowa-brewed beer or a big refreshing glass of iced tea and our youngest diners seem to enjoy it with a healthy glass of milk.

  • A Tasty Holiday

    This amazing side dish gets its own national holiday on the calendar every year – July 14. (Of course, when you come into our Des Moines family restaurant, we’re ready to “celebrate” mac & cheese with you any day of the year, 7 days a week!)

Mac & Cheese at the Boot

The mac & cheese at Wobbly Boots BBQ  is primarily served as one of our many homestyle side dishes, either in a cup or, for those that simply can’t get enough of it, in a bigger boat. As we mentioned earlier, it is one of the most popular meals on our kids’ menu & our Mac & Cheese Burger combines two favorite foods into one mouthwatering sandwich. Come in soon and enjoy a cup (or a boat) for yourself!

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