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Flatbread vs. Pizza – What’s The Difference?

Some places serve pizza while others serve flatbreads, which causes many people to ask if there’s really a difference between the two. Well, first of all, the Big City Flatbreads we serve at Wobbly Boots Roadhouse in Clive are packed full of flavors to rival any pizza you’ve ever bitten into! Beyond that, there are a few other things that set the two foods apart from each other.

Not the Same, But Similar

Pizza is defined as a yeasted flatbread typically topped with tomato sauce and cheese and baked in an oven. It is commonly also topped with meats, vegetables, and condiments.

Flatbread “pizza” is generally made on a thinner, crispier crust using lighter toppings and sauce. Most often the sauce used is not a tomato sauce.

Since they have differing definitions, technically there is a slight difference between the two. Some people would love to argue the fact that pizzas and flatbreads are not the same food, but none of the research that we uncovered proved that as a definite fact. While the toppings and types of crust aren’t exactly the same, they are actually considered a similar dish.

Big City Flatbreads at the Boot

So… those findings were a bit anti-climactic. (Sorry about that!) Fortunately, the toppings we offer on our flatbreads at Wobbly Boots BBQ are exciting enough to titillate any taste bud! Even adamant pizza lovers easily become fans of these flatbread creations.

Check out the amazing flavors we’ve created especially for you below. Some feature our award-winning hickory-smoked meats while others offer flavors that are equally as irresistible.

Crab Rangoon
Wobbly Boots own crab rangoon filling slathered on our flatbread pizza crust topped with our five-cheese pizza blend and finished with fried won tons and a sweet chili drizzle. A customer favorite!

We start with our thin flatbread pizza crust, then spread our homemade cheese sauce on top and add our five-cheese pizza blend topped with smoked ham, bacon crumbles, lettuce, and tomatoes, all drizzled with ranch dressing

Spinach Artichoke
Our homemade spinach artichoke dip generously spread over our flatbread topped with our five-cheese mozzarella blend, chicken, diced tomatoes, and finished with Parmesan cheese.

Buffalo Bacon Chicken & Jalapeno
Our flatbread covered in our chipotle buffalo sauce and topped with grilled chicken breast, bacon, and jalapenos, all topped with our five-cheese pizza blend and finished with ranch dressing.

BBQ Brisket
Our homemade BBQ sauce spread over our flatbread pizza crust topped with slow-smoked brisket and red onion, then topped with a combination of our five-cheese pizza blend and cheddar jack cheese.

The next time that you have a craving for pizza (as we all do often, admit it) head on over to our family restaurant in Des Moines and try one of these fantastic flatbreads. Come in with the gang so that you can each order a different one, share slices, and give them all a try at once! We’d love to hear which Wobbly Boots Roadhouse flatbread is your favorite.

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