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Wobbly Boots BBQ

Iowa BBQ & Iowa Beer – A Match Made in Heaven!

You’ll find an impressive selection of ice-cold beer not only in our cooler but also on tap at Wobbly Boots Roadhouse. Among the 18 different draft choices we have in store for you, many of those include the best locally brewed craft beers in Iowa.

Nothing pairs better with BBQ than a flavorful and refreshing Iowa beer! Our draft choices change seasonally, but right now, here are the amazing breweries represented at the Boot along with the beers we currently offer from them.

Front Street Brewery

Having been in continuous operation for nearly 25 years, this is the oldest brewpub & 2nd oldest brewery in the state of Iowa! They have been serving the fine community of Davenport since 1992. Their humble beginnings started with a 7-barrel brewhouse in a basement and today has more than doubled in size and widened their distribution. We proudly serve their

  • Cherry Bomb Blonde


Confluence Brewing Company

Wobbly Boots Roadhouse calls the Des Moines area home, as does this fantastic brewery. Just like our great home state, Confluence beers are honest, hard-working, friendly, and unpretentious! Back in 1991, Confluence’s head brewer, John Martin, found a passion for brewing beer using Iowa’s bountiful crops. After years of brewing beer at home, John met fellow home brewer and co-founder, Ken Broadhead. The two came together to launch Confluence Brewing Company in 2012, and the result is the amazing beer we have on tap for you here at the Boot.

  • Farmer John’s Multi-Grain Ale

  • Des Moines IPA

  • Gray’s Lake Nessie

Exile Brewing Company

Also located right here in Des Moines, these guys describe themselves as “a hand-crafted brewery fueled by the passion of a burn-bright lifestyle and driven by a unique sense of gratitude for the customer, community, and the future of our land.” Each one of their beers is a dedication to both a European tradition and the quality of good old American hard work. Currently, we carry their

  • Ruthie

Peace Tree Brewing Company

Peace Tree Brewing Company has called Knoxville home since 2010. The name comes from the historic grand sycamore that grew near the town of Red Rock, which was a meeting place for many generations of Native Americans, and later a meeting place for fur traders too. The tree is this company’s symbol because they strive to make beers that will be “shared with friends and strangers alike and act as a catalyst for conversations, new friendships, and important agreements – in line with the lore of the Peace Tree of Red Rock.” We currently carry their wonderful

  • Mile Long Lager

  • Blonde Fatale

Boone Valley

This brewery can be found in Boone. (Obviously!) Their journey started as a fun notion to make beer from a kit but soon turned into a passion for making delicious beer. After winning multiple awards it became obvious that these recipes needed their own brewery. Brewer Rick is often referred to as the “Willie Wonka of Beers” and the “Phantom Brewer” around these parts, somewhat of a legend. The Boot is proud to offer their tasty

  • Roxy Red

Firetrucker Brewery

The people behind this local brewery in Ankeny live, breathe, and eat local. Only local Iowa ingredients are used to make their beers. A sense of innovation, a sense of community, and the desire to improve life are at the forefront during the creation of each of their beers. You can expect to get lots of flavor while still maintaining a clean finish. On tap, we have their

  • Pumper Truck Porter

  • Uptown IPA

Even More Draft Choices

In addition to the Iowa beers we proudly offer on tap, Wobbly Boots BBQ also has many of the mainstream favorites you know and love. With St. Patrick’s Day coming up this weekend, you may want to enjoy a pint of Guinness along with the return of a former menu item, our classic Reuben, making a special holiday appearance. Even if you are a die-hard Iowa beer fan, it’s okay to show a bit of Irish pride on St. Patrick’s Day.

When it comes to quenching your thirst, our BBQ restaurant & bar in Des Moines has much more than just beer waiting for you, but the beer we do have is the best-tasting beer you could possibly choose from. Wobbly Boots Roadhouse makes amazing BBQ on a daily basis and these fantastic Iowa breweries make amazing beer. What a great state to live, eat, and drink in!

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