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Labor Day Weekend – Time For Beer, BBQ, & College Football!

Just about everyone looks forward to enjoying a 3-day weekend over the Labor Day holiday. It’s extra-special for football fans because that’s when college football is back for another exciting season! Wobbly Boots Roadhouse in Clive not only the best BBQ in Des Moines for you to enjoy over Labor Day Weekend but we’re also the best place to watch football in Des Moines. Featuring incredible Iowa BBQ, Iowa beers, and good old Iowa college football, this is most definitely the place to be over the holiday!

Iowa Football

First and foremost, you need to know when your teams are playing so that you can make plans to come in early and grab your favorite seat. Of course, with 17 TVs placed conveniently all around the restaurant, there’s really not a bad seat in the house. Those TVs also allow you to keep tabs on all of your other favorite sporting events happening at the same time.

Here’s a look at both the Hawkeyes and Cyclones season schedules this year. Once again this season, week #2 has them taking each other on, which always has us a bit torn. (Is it wrong to cheer for both sides?)

Iowa Hawkeyes Football 2019

Iowa State Cyclones Football 2019

Iowa Beer

Here at the Boot, we have a fully stocked bar so we can mix up all of your favorite cocktails. Still, there’s something special about the pairing of beer and football together. (Add hickory-smoked BBQ to that combo and… OMG!)

We feature an excellent selection of ice-cold beers in the bottle plus 18 tasty brews on tap! The highlight of our draft beers for many is the fact that we always have a few spots reserved for our favorite Iowa-brewed beers. These tend to change occasionally, but currently, you can enjoy the following local beers on tap at Wobbly Boots Roadhouse, plus we even have one in a bottle.

  • Peace Tree Brewing Co.
    • Blonde Fatale
    • No Coast Grapefruit IPA
    • Mile Long Lager
    • OG Orange Gose (bottle)
  • Confluence Brewing Company
    • Farm John’s
    • Des Moines IPA
    • South Side Citra Blonde Ale
  • Firetrucker Brewery
    • Uptown IPA
    • Pumper Truck Porter
  • Boone Valley Brewing Co.
    • Roxie Irish Red
  • Exile Brewing Co.
    • Ruthie

Iowa BBQ

You’re going to want something to eat while you’re watching the games and there’s nothing better to go along with Iowa football and Iowa beer than some good ol’ Iowa BBQ! We start serving lunch on weekdays at 11 am, but on the weekends we open early at 9 am with the best brunch in Des Moines. That means that even when our teams play early, you can come in and get situated with plenty of time before kickoff.

Everyone has their own favorite Wobbly Boots BBQ foods to munch on during the game. Some want a table full of appetizers to snack on throughout, while others prefer to order a hearty meal to tide them over until the end of the game. Either way works and both ways are positively delicious.

Order In Bulk To Go

If you’re planning your own opening-day party for your favorite team at home, make it easy on yourself. Skip all the prep work and cooking and simply order the best BBQ in Des Moines to go! That same idea works perfectly if you’re hosting a Labor Day Weekend bash too.

A few of our savory hickory-smoked meats and pints or quarts of our homemade family-style side dishes will feed your friends nicely. In some cases, if you spend at least $100 and give us 24 hours notice, we may even be able to deliver it right to your door! Call 515-223-5700 to place your order and make arrangements.

Have a great Labor Day Weekend. If you happen to spend a bit of it here with us at Wobbly Boots Roadhouse in Clive, well then, we’ll have a great holiday weekend right along with you!

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