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Spicy Foods That Turn Up the Heat at the Boot!

Most of the dishes served at Wobbly Boots Roadhouse in Clive are on the milder side when it comes to spiciness but we do have a few menu items that can really turn up the heat. Eating spicy foods actually does have some health benefits for a person plus it’s a great way to quickly warm up your body on a cold Iowa day. Check out some of the spicy dishes we’ve got to temp your taste buds with at our Des Moines family restaurant and learn why it’s a good idea to enjoy them.

Menu Items That “Bring the Heat”

Wobbly Wings
Our jumbo chicken wings get coated in our house dry rub and then are slow-roasted over hickory to create the most flavorful, juiciest wing possible! That process doesn’t make them spicy, but your choice of sauce to coat them in just might! Some of these wing sauces are hotter than the others: BBQ, Chipotle Buffalo, Jamaican Jerk, Dijon Hot, Jalapeno Garlic, and Habanero BBQ.

Buffalo Bacon Chicken & Jalapeno Flatbread
This particular Big City Flatbread starts out getting covered with our Chipotle Buffalo sauce. It’s then topped with grilled chicken breast, bacon, and spicy jalapenos plus our five-cheese pizza blend, all finished with ranch dressing to cool it off a bit.

Jalapeno Garlic Shrimp Dinner
A plate filled with 8 jumbo shrimp gently sauteed in our jalapeno-garlic butter until perfect. They also come with a side of more of that tasty jalapeno-garlic butter for even more flavor.

El Diablo Burger
This one’s a real mouth-burner! We take a half-pound flat top burger, cooked to your liking, and top it with bacon, jalapenos, our Chipotle Buffalo sauce, and pepper-jack cheese. You’ll need an ice-cold beer or sweet tea full of ice to go along with this meal!

Spicy Foods Are Good For a Body

Everyone has their own tolerance for exactly how hot and spicy they can handle their foods. It might interest you to know that spicy foods are not only yummy but they are also great for your physical health. Here are just a few of the reasons why chowing down on something “hot” can be good for you.

  • Stress Relief
    Endorphins are released in your body when you consume spicy food. These “feel-good” hormones are like natural pain medication, they can reduce anxiety, and even ease the effects of depression.
  • Heart Health
    “Bad” cholesterol can cause damage to a person’s body, but eating chili peppers can lower the risk of this by increasing the breakdown rate of this type of cholesterol. Blood flow is also increased, improving heart function and lowering blood pressure.
  • Weight Loss
    Peppers contain a spicy chemical called capsaicin which is great for boosting your metabolism. The effects can last up to 20 minutes after you have eaten. Foods with a little extra heat can also help you to feel full, which reduces cravings for salty, sweet, and fatty foods.
  • Eases Congestion
    We have all eaten hot foods before that cause us to begin sniffling. This is because spicy items thin mucus, which is perfect when you have clogged nasal passages. The heat can even help with respiratory problems like bronchitis and asthma.
  • Cancer Prevention
    The American Association for Cancer Research has stated that the capsaicin in peppers has the ability to kill some cancer and leukemic cells. It creates a reaction that lowers the risk of tumors too.

A cold, Iowa day is a good time to work on upping your tolerance for spicy foods and we’ve got some great ones for you to taste. The kitchen at our Des Moines BBQ restaurant, in many cases, can add as little or as much “heat” as you can handle. Just let us know how hot you like it and we’ll bring you something to make your mouth water!

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