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The ONLY Way to Celebrate National Chicken Wing Day…

National Chicken Wing Day is coming up again next Monday, July 29, 2019. Lucky for you that the best BBQ restaurant in the Des Moines area just so happens to serve the most amazing chicken wings in the Midwest! The Wobbly Wings at Wobbly Boots Roadhouse in Clive are one of our most popular menu items and they’re the perfect dish to celebrate this awesome holiday with.

Wobbly Wings at the Boot

Just what makes Wobbly Wings so mouthwateringly good? Our hickory-smoking expertise is a big part of that! First, we take jumbo chicken wings and generously coat them in our house dry rub. Next, we slow-roast them over hickory ensuring only the most flavorful, juiciest wings possible.

Once they’re ready for serving, the best hot wings in Des Moines are so good that they can easily be enjoyed sauceless. We do have some terrific signature sauces available though, so you may just want to give one of these a try.

  • BBQ
  • Chipotle Buffalo
  • Jamaican Jerk
  • Dijon Hot
  • Jalapeno Garlic
  • Habanero BBQ

If you prefer your wings boneless, we’ve got you covered too! A bountiful amount of all-white chicken breast is cut into strips and hand-breaded to order. They are then fried to golden crisp perfection and can be enjoyed plain or tossed in one of the fantastic sauces listed above.

Hot Wing History

As is the case with most legendary tales, the origin of today’s hot wing is a bit cloudy. One fact is for sure. They were first introduced in Buffalo, New York, hence the popular name “Buffalo wings.” The rest of the history is up for debate.

  • The most popular origin stories revolve around Teressa Bellissimo, a Buffalo, New York restaurant owner. One account chalks the appetizer creation up to a mistake. She and her husband Frank were expecting a delivery of necks, which they used to make spaghetti sauce for their establishment, the Anchor Bar. Frank convinced her to get creative rather than waste the shipment. Teressa chose to deep-fry the naked wings, toss them in some hot sauce, and serve them up with bleu cheese dressing and celery sticks.
  • Their son, Dominic, remembers the story a little differently. He says that his mother created the wings after he asked her to make up something special late on a Friday night. Most of their customers were Catholic and weren’t eating meat on Fridays. Since they had been spending lots of money in the bar that evening, Dominic wanted to offer them a special treat at midnight as a thank you for their patronage.
  • One last twist on this particular tale was that Teressa came up with her amazing wings one night when Dominic and his friends from college came in hungry. The one thing that all of these stories has in common is Teressa and her delicious creativity.
  • There is one story that does not involve Mrs. Bellissimo. John Young says that he grew up eating chicken wings and he created a special “Mambo Sauce” to go with them. His wings were breaded before they were deep-fried and the drummies and flats were not separated before cooking. He registered the name of his restaurant, Wings ‘n’ Things, in the mid-’60s before he left Buffalo in 1970.

Perfect In So Many Ways

Chicken wings are definitely a dish that deserves a special day all its own. Not only are they mouthwateringly irresistible, but they can be enjoyed in a variety of different ways at many times throughout a day.

For example, they’re the perfect way to start your meal as an appetizer before a main dish of more of the best BBQ in Des Moines. They’re hearty enough to be the main dish on their own as well.

It’s a wonderful food for sharing with a table full of friends. (But you’ll probably want to make sure everyone has their own ranch or bleu cheese to avoid any double-dipping accusations!) Our wings are available in orders of 5, 10, 20, or 30. These wonderful wings are also featured in a couple of our popular combo appetizers. You can order Ribbies & Wings featuring 6 Wobbly Wings and 4 baby back ribs. Your other option is even bigger, the Wobbly Boots Sampler, with 4 Wobbly Wings, 4 baby back ribs, 4 famous onion rings, and 4 bacon wrapped shrimp!

No matter how you decide to order them, just make sure you get to Wobbly Boots BBQ soon and order them. They’re sure to land at the top of your list of favorite foods from now on!
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