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Why Eat BBQ For Dinner?… Why Not! 5 Great Reasons To Do It

When faced with so many different available dining choices when you go out, you may have to do a little convincing to get everyone in the group to agree on one place. When you’re craving the best BBQ in Des Moines and simply nothing else will satisfy that hunger, you may need to do some convincing to get everyone on the same page.

If the people in your group have already tasted the food from Wobbly Boots Roadhouse in Clive, it will be an easy argument to win! If they haven’t yet had the pleasure, here are 5 excellent reasons to share that will convince them BBQ is the only way to go.

#1 – It Tastes Great!

In our humble opinion, that should be enough reason to choose BBQ for your next meal! Not all BBQ is equal though, so you may need to tell your friends just why Wobbly Boots BBQ is worth the trip. First of all, we slow-smoke our meats over hickory for the intense, rich, full-bodied flavor that only hickory can bring out. After years of practice and perfection, our cooks know exactly how long to leave each meat in the smoker to make sure it reaches its most mouthwatering potential.

Add to that deliciousness our house recipe BBQ sauce and special dry rubs, and you’ve got a taste that will leave anyone wanting to come back again and again. Both the cooking process and the sauce recipe make up our hybrid-style of BBQ which was inspired by the BBQ meccas of the U.S.A.: Kansas City, St. Louis, Memphis, Texas, and the deep South. We learned from the greats, but created a flavor that you will only find here at the Boot!

#2 – LOTS of Variety on the Menu

You may be faced with one person in your group that swears they don’t like BBQ, no matter how it’s prepared. (Yes, we know that sounds strange, but there are a couple of people out there. Maybe they just haven’t tried Wobbly Boots BBQ ye!) For the friend that refuses to eat BBQ, mention all of the non-BBQ items that can also be found on our menu.

For example, we have Spinach Artichoke Dip and Crab Stuffed Mushrooms for starters, plus savory salads, fantastic flatbreads, Black Angus Burgers, and sandwiches like the Catfish BLT and our Famous Tenderloin. (An Iowa tradition!) The menu also has entrees like juicy steaks and a Hot Smoked Turkey that’s a very popular choice around here.

#3 – LOTS of BBQ Choices

Back to the cool people that do appreciate the wonder that is BBQ, they’ve got tons of choices too. As a matter of fact, we cook up so many different ways for you to enjoy our hickory-smoked meats, you’ll need to keep coming back, again and again, to give them all a try but by the time you do that, we just may come up with a few more!

The many hickory-smoked meats we offer include, but are not limited to:

  • Hand-Pulled Pork
  • Sliced Turkey Breast
  • Sweet Smoked Italian Sausage
  • Applewood Smoked Ham
  • Tender Smoked Beef Brisket
  • Brisket Burnt Ends
  • Baby Back Ribs
  • Chicken
  • Wobbly Wings

#4 – All Ages Love the Boot

If it’s the family that you’re trying to convince rather than a group of friends, the atmosphere and down-home hospitality of our family restaurant in Des Moines will make everyone feel right at home. Young diners will be pleased with the choices on our kids’ menu, which include favorites like Chicken Strips, Mini Corn Dogs, Cheeseburger, Grilled Cheese, and Mac & Cheese. There’s even a kid’s version of our Pork Sliders if they’re ready to start moving toward becoming a smoked meat lover.

Let them use our tasty BBQ sauce for dipping and they’ll be hooked! The very best part is that eating BBQ encourages you to get a little messy, which kids absolutely love. As long as you take care of cleaning up yourselves when you’re done (we have plenty of wet naps for you) we’re happy to clean up all of the dishes. (Which of course, Mom and Dad love!)

#5 – BBQ Pairs Perfectly With Beer & Sports

Sports fans will be thrilled to find out they can eat BBQ while enjoying all of their favorite sports on our 17 TVs which are placed strategically throughout the restaurant. It doesn’t matter whether you pull up a seat at the bar or a table in the dining room, you won’t miss any of the action.

Ice-cold beer is an excellent beverage to wash down a plate full of hickory-smoked BBQ. Here at Wobbly Boots Roadhouse, we not only have a wide selection of bottled beers but 18 incredible beers on tap as well. We always have a wonderful selection of local Iowa beers mixed in there too, because after all, Iowans know how to brew an amazing beer! If you didn’t know that already, come in soon and let us pour one for you.

Well, while writing this we’ve certainly convinced ourselves that dinner at our BBQ restaurant & bar in Des Moines sounds like a perfect idea tonight, and we’re willing to bet you think so too! Now all you have to do is share this wisdom with all of your friends and you’ll be dining at Wobbly Boots Roadhouse in no time.

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