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Wobbly Boots BBQ

Your Search for the Best BBQ in Des Moines Stops at Wobbly Boots Roadhouse!

Since 2014, our BBQ restaurant in Des Moines has been serving up the best-tasting hickory-smoked meats in all of Iowa. Before that, the Wobbly Boots Roadhouse at the Lake of the Ozarks had been perfecting the recipes they shared with us for an entire decade, racking up awards along the way. Starting with inspiration from our good friends in Osage Beach plus the creative input of the talented kitchen crew at our own Wobbly Boots Roadhouse in Clive, the result is a menu full of delicious BBQ dishes for you to enjoy 7 days a week!

Our Unique BBQ Style

The Boot has a very unique approach when it comes to creating irresistible BBQ. It’s a hybrid style inspired by the BBQ meccas of the U.S.A. – Kansas City, St. Louis, Memphis, and Texas. All the best things about those amazing styles are what creates a BBQ flavor we are proud to call our own.

First, we slow-smoke our succulent meats over hickory allowing the incredible flavors of each type of meat to come through boldly. Next, those meats are coated (or served with a side of) our flavorful, house-made BBQ sauce. The end result is a plate full of hickory-smoked BBQ goodness that tickles your taste buds and satisfies even the biggest hunger!

So Many Choices!

You can enjoy our Wobbly Boots BBQ in sandwich form or by the plateful. Those incredible meats are used as a delicious added ingredient to many of our non-BBQ dishes on the menu too, like salads, nachos, giant baked potatoes, and much more. Here is a look at our main BBQ creations.

Smoked Meat on a Bun

All of our slow-smoked meats are served on a freshly toasted bun. Sandwiches are always served “wet” (sauced) but feel free to ask us to leave it off if you prefer to sauce the sandwich yourself. Each of these plates also comes with your choice of one of our homestyle side dishes.

Smoked Sausage
A sweet and smokey Italian sausage. We slow-smoke our sausage rope then slice into pieces. A hidden house favorite… Try it & you’ll love it.

Pulled Pork
Our pork is covered in our house made rub and then slow-smoked over hickory for 16 hours, trimmed, and hand-pulled.

Beef Brisket
Our brisket is generously rubbed with our secret house seasonings and then slow-smoked over hickory for 10 hours. We thick slice it with all the juice and bark to ensure the most mouthwatering and tender brisket possible.

Pit Ham
Applewood double-smoked pit ham. A lean outstanding choice.

100% white meat turkey breast – rubbed, smoked, then sliced. Tender & Delicious!!

Burnt Ends
A Customer Favorite!! Our process begins with slow-smoked brisket, we cut it into small chunks then cover it in extra rub, our house BBQ sauce, and delicious Guinness beer. We then re-smoke it for hours ensuring a tender, flavorful, one-of-a-kind taste. Absolutely Delicious!!!

Smoked Meat Plates

Here you can build your own plate filled with the hickory-smoked meats of your choice. Each dinner is served with a piece of Texas toast and two of our homestyle side dishes.

Single Meat Plate
Your choice of any 1 of our smoked meats.
Double Meat Plate
Your choice of 2 different slow-smoked meats.
BBQ Trio
A great way to try a variety of our slow-smoked meats! Choose any 3 different meats…Totaling a full pound!!!
The meats you may choose from include:
  • Hand-Pulled Pork
  • Sliced Turkey Breast
  • Sweet Smoked Italian Sausage
  • Applewood Smoked Ham
  • Tender Smoked Brisket
  • Our House Favorite Brisket Burnt Ends

Classic Bar-B-Que

These fantastic BBQ dinners are all served with Texas toast and your choice of any two of our savory homestyle side dishes.

Baby Back Ribs
Over two pounds of our slow-smoked delicious dry-rubbed baby back ribs, lightly grilled & basted in our house recipe BBQ sauce. Tender and mouthwatering, the very best in ribs.

Half Chicken
Tremendous Flavor!! A half chicken generously rubbed in our house spice then slow-smoked over hickory and finished on our grill with a light glaze of our house BBQ sauce.

Chicken & Rib Combo
Yes, we did!! A half rack of our Baby Back Ribs combined with our Hickory-Smoked Half Chicken. A delicious combination.

Half Rack of Ribs & 1 Smoked Meat

Half Chicken & 1 Smoked Meat

That’s a quick look at the many choices you have for hickory-smoked meats in Des Moines from the Boot. Throughout our extensive menu, you’ll find even more hickory-smoked delicacies like Wobbly Wings, Smoked Prime Rib, and more. We’ll be expecting to see you soon at Wobbly Boots Roadhouse for lunch, dinner, or possibly a mid-day snack. After that, we expect to be seeing you quite often, again and again!

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