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The Best Catering in Des Moines Comes From The Boot!

It’s that time of the year when your calendar is going to begin filling up with all kinds of holiday parties and events to attend. If one of those celebrations happens to be a party that you will be hosting, take some of the party-planning stress off of your shoulders by serving the best catering in Des Moines to your guests. When your table is filled with delicious dishes from Wobbly Boots Roadhouse, you know everyone is going to enjoy themselves!


Party at the Boot

In addition to letting us do all of the cooking for you, go ahead and use our private event room too so you don’t even have to worry about getting your house prepared for the event. Bring the party to us and we’ll set up, cook, serve, and even clean up when you’re all done. All you have to do is make the arrangements and then show up to have fun at the party along with all of your guests!

The room we are talking about is set apart from the rest of the restaurant, has 4 TVs, and can hold up to 65 guests. If you have at least 25 people attending your event, you can even reserve the space for your party only and have it all to yourself. A $100 deposit is required to reserve the room, but that amount will be deducted from your final bill. There is a minimum of $150 for parties Sunday-Thursday and a minimum of $500 for private events on Fridays or Saturdays. You can view our special menu here.

Let Us Bring Dinner To You

For those of you that will be hosting an event elsewhere, serving the best BBQ in Des Moines is still a very real possibility! Give us a call well before the event. That way we can get it on our catering calendar and schedule your food to begin smoking in plenty of time to reach its peak of deliciousness!

As long as your order is at least $100 and you are within our delivery area, when party-time comes around we’ll pack up our catering van and bring the food to you. If you’d like for us to send a few of our friendly staff members along to serve or tend bar at your celebration, we can make that happen too. We’re happy to work with you to create a custom menu for your event, and the following meats and side items are available to order in bulk for large groups.

  • Baby Back Ribs
  • BBQ Chicken
  • Burnt Ends
  • Beef Brisket
  • Smoked Turkey Breast
  • Pulled Pork
  • Smoked Pit Ham
  • Smoked Sweet Italian Sausage
  • Pickles, Slider Buns, Full Buns, Texas Toast
  •  Side dishes by the pint, quart, or gallon including:
    • Baked Beans
    • Cole Slaw
    • Cottage Cheese
    • Green Beans
    • Potato Salad
    • Cheesy Corn with Ham
    • Smashed Potatoes & Gravy
    • Homemade Mac & Cheese
    • Baked Potato Soup & other varieties

No matter how you choose to bring Wobbly Boots BBQ to your guests, either by having us deliver it, picking it up to-go, or bringing your guests to us instead, we’re ready to help you throw the best holiday party ever! To learn additional details and make arrangements, give us a call at 515-223-5700, and the sooner the better. All events are scheduled on a first come, first served basis. The sooner you get your event on our calendar, the sooner you can relax and enjoy your holiday season.

Enjoy a Thanksgiving Day Buffet With Us at Wobbly Boots!

Our family restaurant in Des Moines is putting out all the fixings for a fantastic Thanksgiving Day buffet this year on Thursday, November 22, 2018 beginning at 11:00 am. We would love for you to join us at Wobbly Boots Roadhouse in Clive for some delicious food, friendly company, and a holiday full of fun.

Thanksgiving Day Buffet

It doesn’t matter if you are on your own this Thanksgiving or if your entire family will be joining you, everyone is welcome at the Boot. Maybe you’ve got a group of friends with nowhere to go and nobody to cook. Bringing them all here is the perfect solution. (Plus, it gets you out of cooking!)

We are planning a menu full of Thanksgiving classics done in our down-home way with that special hickory-smoked goodness we add to nearly everything that we do around here. The buffet will open at 11:00 am and it is $14.99 per person.

Thanksgiving Day Football

While you’re enjoying that delicious Thanksgiving buffet, we’ll have all of the holiday sports action playing on our 17 TVs. There’s not a bad seat in the house at Wobbly Boots BBQ when you want to catch a game!

The action begins when the Bears take on the Lions at 11:30 am, and the Redskins face the Cowboys at 3:30 pm. (Knowing that will probably make it easier to decide what time you want to come in and eat!) Don’t forget to make it back here on Friday morning to catch the Iowa Hawkeyes compete against the Nebraska Cornhuskers at 11:00 am.

Black Friday Break Time

Black Friday is always a hectic and long day if you’re a bargain shopper. You’ll need to swing by the Boot at some point to refuel so that you can get back out there and keep going! It’s also a great place to hang out if you’re trying to avoid those crowds.

Even though it’s still part of most people’s extended holiday weekend, it is technically a weekday, which means that our awesome Happy Hour will be in full swing from 3-6 pm. The perfect time to enjoy even more football and maybe entertain those holiday guests away from your house.

Take it easy on yourself this Thanksgiving and celebrate here with us at Wobbly Boots Roadhouse. You’ll be with great company eating a deliciously mouthwatering meal and enjoying Thanksgiving Day football, and you don’t have to clean anything up once you’re done! Also, on Friday our Des Moines BBQ Restaurant will be back to regular business hours, ready and waiting to celebrate an incredible weekend with you!

The Classic Club Sandwich… Wobbly Boots Roadhouse Style!

There are a lot of “classic” dishes on the menu at our Des Moines family restaurant that most people are familiar with without having to read the description. Even though we do put our own Wobbly Boots Roadhouse spin on them, they are still easy to recognize. (Although tremendously more delicious, in our opinion!) Although you may know what the menu item is, you probably don’t know how it became a classic. Today, we’re giving you a look at how the Club Sandwich became so very well-known.


Club Sandwich Origins

As with just about every food we delve into the history of, there are conflicting origin stories. One source states that the sandwich may have been invented by the chef at the Union Club of New York City. This is because the earliest known real-life reference was a recipe that began, “Have you tried the Union Club Sandwich yet?” The earliest reference to the fictional sandwich appeared in “Conversations of a Chorus Girl” by Ray Cardell in 1903.

Other sources swear that the Club Sandwich made its first appearance in the late 19th century in an exclusive Saratoga Springs, New York gambling club. Regardless of who gets the credit, this incredible sandwich has been spotted on menus across the United States as far back as 1899. Historically, chicken was used instead of turkey, but over time turkey won out as the more popular choice. The sides most often served with Clubs are coleslaw, potato salad, or french fries.

The Wobbly Style Club

The basic ingredients in a classic Club Sandwich consist of 2-3 slices of bread (often toasted,) turkey, bacon, lettuce, tomato, and mayo. The Club Sandwich that is served at our BBQ restaurant in Des Moines has everything you would expect, but we don’t just stop there!

We choose to go with 2 slices of toasted sourdough bread, making more room in the middle for lots of the really good stuff! This includes turkey, ham, and bacon that has spent the perfect amount of time in our smoker to reach the peak of deliciousness. Next comes fresh lettuce and tomato slices, plus we’ve added Mozzarella cheese to ours for an even bigger punch of flavor. Last, but certainly not least, rather than using regular ol’ mayo, we add our amazing avocado mayo to the recipe.

This giant sandwich that is piled high with incredible ingredients is a lot to eat at one sitting on its own, but we simply couldn’t resist pairing it with one of our fantastic homestyle side dishes too! (Don’t worry, if it’s all too much for you, this dish makes for great leftovers!) You can choose from creamy coleslaw, gourmet potato salad, seasoned fries, cheesy corn & ham, legendary baked beans, baked potato, cottage cheese, green beans with bacon, homemade mac & cheese, or smashed potatoes & gravy. All classics in their own right!

The next time you decide to enjoy a gigantic Wobbly Style Club from the best family restaurant in Des Moines, you’ll know that this awesome sandwich has a long history with many variations, but none quite as tasty as the way we do it here atWobbly Boots BBQ! Just be warned, you need to either come hungry, bring a hungry friend to share with, or expect to be taking home a doggy bag!

Stock Up For Tailgating at The Boot!

The best place to watch football in Des Moines is from the comfortable seats in our restaurant in front of our 17 TVs. That is if you’re not watching from the actual stadium, of course. (Unless it’s cold & rainy. Then it’s much better here!)

The Wobbly Boots Roadhouse menu is full of mouthwatering menu items, including 5 of the most popular foods to tailgate with. You can eat them here, or you can pick them up to take with you to the parking lot of your team’s stadium or a party at your place. Either way, you’re going to want to get a plateful of these!



This is a perfect food for tailgating because you are expected to eat it with your hands, meaning no silverware to mess with and plates are optional. (Of course, you’d better have a LOT of napkins handy!) If you’re taking our Wobbly Wings to go, consider getting your favorite sauces on the side for dipping to make it a little less messy. If you’re eating them here, we’ll give you a plate and plenty of wet naps!


A big, juicy burger is a classic football food item. The toppings you add make a big difference, but it’s how you prepare the burger that really matters. All of our burgers are made from 100% hand-pattied Black Angus ground chuck, grilled on a flat-top iron, and served on a fresh soft bun. The best in the Midwest!


Much like chicken wings, you’re going to eat these with your hands and you’re going to get messy! (But isn’t that part of the fun?) You can get as messy as you like when you eat our slow-smoked, dry-rubbed, Baby Back Ribs that are grilled and basted in our house-recipe BBQ sauce. It’s easy to wash off when you’re finished, and if you’re eating it in the football stadium parking lot, well, you are outside.


A heaping helping of hand-pulled, hickory-smoked pork on a fresh bun always hits the spot, and after all, why not have a little pig before watching your team throw around the “pigskin?” Our savory pulled pork is available on our “Bulk to Go” menu, along with many other delicious dishes, and allows you to serve a great big crowd of people all at once. (Don’t forget to add a few homestyle side dishes to your menu too!)


It’s always good to have a few foods available for when you just want to munch, and chips & dips are perfect for this. Here at the Boot, we’ve got platters of Chips, Salsa, & Queso, and you can also order our house-recipe Spinach & Artichoke Dip. Another favorite is our famous BBQ Pork Nachos, which gives you two items from this list on one plate!

We love it when a big crowd gathers in our Des Moines BBQ restaurant to watch football with us, but if you get to attend a few games in person, pick up your favorite Wobbly Boots Roadhouse tailgate-ready foods to go on your way to the stadium. We also have catering available if you’ll be throwing a football-watching party at your place, and if you spend at least $100 and give us 24 hours notice, we’ll deliver it to you! Your favorite team will provide the excitement, and we’ll provide the delicious food to enjoy while you watch the game.

The Best Classic BBQ in Iowa is at The Boot!

We’ve got a wide variety of delicious foods on the menu at Wobbly Boots Roadhouse in Clive, so there’s always something perfect for any type of taste. The food that we are most known for and that we’ve taken great care in perfecting is the best BBQ in Des Moines.



Making sure that all of our BBQ meets the strict standards of amazing flavor you’ve come to expect from Wobbly Boots BBQ is very important to us. First, we slow-smoke our succulent meats over hickory, allowing each meat’s bold flavors to come to the forefront. Next, we coat those hickory-smoked delicacies (or serve them with a side of) our flavorful housemade BBQ sauce.

The end result is a plate full of the best tasting BBQ you’ve ever had the pleasure of putting into your mouth! These hickory-smoked meats are used as an ingredient in many of our menu creations, and we proudly serve them alone on a plate or as a sandwich next to our homestyle side dishes.

Smoked Meat Plates

All of our meat plates are served with Texas toast and your choice of two of our homestyle side dishes. You can order a plate with 1 or 2 types of meat or go for the BBQ Trio Plate. Choose from:

  • Hand-Pulled Pork
  • Sliced Turkey Breast
  • Sweet Smoked Italian Sausage
  • Applewood Smoked Ham
  • Tender Smoked Brisket
  • Our House Favorite Brisket Burnt Ends

Smoked Sausage Sandwich
A sweet and smokey Italian sausage. We slow smoke our sausage rope then slice it into pieces. A hidden house favorite!

Pulled Pork Sandwich
Our pork is covered in our house-made rub then slow smoked over hickory for 16 hours, trimmed, and hand-pulled.

Beef Brisket Sandwich
Our brisket is generously rubbed with our secret house seasonings then slow-smoked over hickory for ten hours. We thick-slice it with all the juice and bark to ensure the most mouthwatering, tender brisket possible.

Pit Ham Sandwich
Applewood double-smoked pit ham. A lean outstanding choice.

Turkey Sandwich
100% white meat turkey breast rubbed, smoked, then sliced. Tender & Delicious!!

Burnt Ends Sandwich
A Customer Favorite!! Our process begins with slow-smoked brisket we cut into small chunks then cover in extra rub, our house BBQ sauce, and delicious Guinness beer. We then re-smoke it for hours, ensuring a tender, flavorful one-of-a-kind taste. Absolutely Delicious!!!


You’ll find some additional BBQ favorites in our Classic Bar-B-Que Dinner section of the menu. These giant plates of delicious goodness are served with Texas toast and your choice of two of our homestyle side dishes.

Baby Back Ribs
Over two pounds of our slow-smoked delicious dry-rubbed baby back ribs, lightly grilled & basted in our house recipe BBQ sauce. Tender and mouthwatering. The very best in ribs!

Half Chicken
Tremendous flavor!! A half chicken generously rubbed in our house spices then slow-smoked over hickory and finished on our grill with a light glaze of our house BBQ sauce.

Chicken & Rib Combo
Yes, we did!! A half rack of our Baby Back Ribs combined with our Hickory Smoked Half Chicken. A delicious combination!

Half Rack of Ribs & 1 Smoked Meat

Half Rack of Ribs & 2 Smoked Meats

BBQ lovers immediately fall for the amazing taste of the hickory-smoked meats at our Des Moines BBQ restaurant. If that’s not you, come on in and give us a try. Wobbly Boots Roadhouse has been known to turn the biggest skeptic into a BBQ lover with just one bite, and we’re always up for the challenge!

5 Reasons We Love Iowa in the Fall

We absolutely love working at the best BBQ restaurant in Des Moines this time of year because Iowa is an amazing place to experience the season of autumn. Just in case you haven’t had the pleasure of an Iowa fall, Wobbly Boots Roadhouse has listed 5 of our favorite things about the experience for you in today’s blog.


Fall brings football, and Iowa has two teams that we absolutely love to watch – the Iowa Hawkeyes and the Iowa State Cyclones! The Boot is the best place to watch football in Des Moines because we’ve got 17 TVs placed strategically around the restaurant so there’s not a bad seat in the house. The family-friendly atmosphere makes it the perfect place to enjoy a game with a young football fan, and the fully-stocked bar & classic football foods, like nachos and wings, make it equally as great for watching with other adults. Our customers are the best fans around, and if you can’t get to the stadium in person, watching right here with us is definitely the next best thing!


If you’re not tailgating, there’s a good chance you’re out picking apples or exploring a pumpkin patch. Des Moines has plenty of that to offer this time of year, and it’s not hard to discover a festival featuring those things and much more. You can find an entire list of things to do to fill your season with fun when you visit Fall in Des Moines online.

Vibrant Colors

Autumn in the Midwest is a sight to behold. The leaves are changing into all kinds of gorgeous colors everywhere that you look. The scenery doesn’t get much better than an autumn view of the Iowa countryside. There are plenty of places to enjoy a leisurely drive through the country, and Des Moines boasts over 600 miles worth of trails where you can stroll or take a bike ride and enjoy nature’s show.

Crisp, Cool Air

The temperatures are awesome too. Summers can get extremely hot around here, and winters can be incredibly cold, but fall is just right! Sunny days have just a slight chill to them, and the humidity levels drop noticeably. It’s perfect for enjoying an afternoon outside or an evening by the campfire.

Hot, Tasty Treats

Once you head indoors from the cooler weather, a hot delicious meal is the perfect thing to warm you up from the inside out. This is especially true at Wobbly Boots BBQ, where our hickory-smoked meats are just the thing to do the trick! Our Southern Comfort Food menu items really hit the spot on a chilly day, like the Smoked Meatloaf or the Smoked Turkey Dinner. (Both year-round favorites!) We’ve even got bowls of the best Baked Potato Soup in Des Moines hot and ready for you on a daily basis.

Make the effort to plan a day especially for getting out and experiencing everything that there is to enjoy about the Des Moines area this time of year. After your adventure, be sure to come into our Des Moines family BBQ restaurant and tell us all about it while you enjoy a hot, delicious plateful of hickory-smoked goodness! It’s a great time of year to be in Iowa, and we look forward to enjoying it with you.

Feast This Fall On Our Southern Comfort Foods

Even though we still have a few warm, summer-like days here and there this time of year, the chill of fall is setting in at our Des Moines homestyle BBQ restaurant. There’s no better way to ward off that chill than a great big plate of deliciousness from Wobbly Boots Roadhouse.

Des Moines’ best hickory-smoked BBQ does an excellent job of this, but there’s also another section of the menu that new visitors may not realize we offer. There are 4 amazing dishes available on our regular menu in the Southern Comfort Foods section, plus a savory Prime Rib Dinner so good that we save it especially for the weekends! You’re going to warm up just reading about these tasty meals, so imagine how incredible it’s going to be when you come in and actually get to eat them!

Southern Comfort Foods at the Boot


We would say “just like mom used to make,” but it’s not exactly like that. If you love hickory-smoked foods, then you’re going to think our version is a lot better! Our homemade meatloaf is a house favorite. It is slow-roasted over hickory to perfection and then served open-faced with homemade smashed potatoes, brown gravy, and green beans.


That smoker comes in handy again to create this delicious dish. We take a generous portion of our all white meat smoked turkey breast and serve it open-faced with smashed potatoes. That is  all covered with delicious turkey gravy and served with a side of our savory cheesy corn with ham.


For this fantastic meal we use a juicy chicken cutlet that is expertly tenderized, hand-breaded, and fried to golden perfection. Those amazing smashed potatoes are served alongside it and both are slathered with white country gravy. To top it all off, you get a side of our great green beans.


Here we take some of our mouthwatering, house-smoked prime rib and thinly slice it to be served open-faced on white bread with smashed potatoes. Beef gravy is lovingly poured over all of that and served up with a nice helping of our tasty green beans. True stick-to-you-ribs goodness!


This meal is only available every Friday and Saturday night after 5 pm, giving you something incredible to look forward to every weekend! We offer both 10-oz. and 14-oz. cuts of whole choice prime rib that have been generously covered in our very own wet rub. They are then smoked over hickory for five hours, ensuring that you get the juiciest and most flavorful prime rib in Des Moines! As if that wasn’t enough, the steak also comes with Texas toast and your choice of two of our homestyle side dishes.

No matter what you order here at Wobbly Boots BBQ, it’s going to come out hot, delicious, and perfect for warming up your insides when your outside is cold. (Well, our salads aren’t served hot, but you know what we mean!) Our family-friendly restaurant in Des Moines has something on the menu to satisfy the cravings of everyone, so come on in soon and give us a try. We’ll make sure that you have an enjoyable experience that will leave you wanting to come back again soon for more!

The Intriguing History of Happy Hour

With a name like “Happy Hour,” you expect it to bring a smile to your face, right? Well, the best Happy Hour in Des Moines does exactly that for a few glorious few hours after the chaos of work and before heading home to your responsibilities there. Wobbly Boots Roadhouse in Clive offers that wonderful time every Monday-Friday from 3-6 pm, and it’s the perfect place to meet up with old friends and maybe even make a few new ones!

The First “Happy Hours”

It all began with the crew aboard the USS Arkansas in 1913. They would schedule regular periods of entertainment to keep everyone in good spirits. The crew referred to these scheduled distractions as “Happy Hours.” Various forms of entertainment took place during these, including boxing, wrestling, music, dancing, and movies. By the end of World War I, the entire United States Navy had picked up the practice.

Secret Speakeasies

Prohibition brought along with it the next form of Happy Hour. Alcohol was illegal during this time, but that didn’t mean that people had stopped drinking it. Many chose to meet up at a local speakeasy or each other’s homes to enjoy a few secret cocktails before heading out to a restaurant where alcohol was not allowed. This practice of enjoying a few cocktails before dinner is much closer to what today’s Happy Hour has turned into.

Happy Hour at the Boot

If you’re in the Des Moines area, you are welcome to come into Wobbly Boots Roadhouse any day of the week for a few relaxing drinks, tasty food, and great conversation. If you happen to come in between 3-6 pm any Monday-Friday, then you still get all of that, but at a special discounted price – aka: Happy Hour!

Happy Hour at the Boot offers $3 draft beers. We’ve got 18 different brews on tap at all times, and we always feature quite a few of Iowa’s best craft selections on that list. Our fully stocked bar is capable of mixing up all of your favorite drinks, and during Happy Hour we have a nice list of specialty drinks available at very special prices.

Stick Around for Dinner

Once you’re thoroughly relaxed and having a great time, you might as well continue the fun and stick around for dinner too! We’ve got a menu full of the best BBQ in Des Moines, plus lots of other delicious dishes if you’re not in the mood for BBQ, like salads, flatbreads, and the best burgers in the Midwest. The atmosphere is welcoming and completely family-friendly, so have the kids come on out and join you for dinner as well. An evening at Wobbly Boots BBQ is always the perfect way to make everyone happy!

Is Flatbread Different From Pizza?

The Big City Flatbreads that we serve at our Des Moines BBQ restaurant look an awful lot like pizza, so sometimes people ask us why we call them flatbreads. Are they the same thing or actually different food items? Wobbly Boots Roadhouse is here to clear up the confusion for you.



Pizza is defined as a yeasted flatbread typically topped with tomato sauce and cheese and baked in an oven. It is commonly also topped with meats, vegetables, and condiments.

Flatbread “pizza” is generally made on a thinner, crispier crust using lighter toppings and sauce, most often not a tomato sauce.

Since they have differing definitions, technically there is a slight difference between the two. Some people would love to argue the fact that pizzas and flatbreads are not the same food, but none of the research that we uncovered proved that as a definite fact. While the toppings and types of crust aren’t exactly the same, they are actually considered a similar dish.


Big City Flatbreads

So… those findings were a bit anti-climactic. (Sorry about that!) Fortunately, the toppings we offer on our Flatbreads at Wobbly Boots BBQ are exciting enough to titillate any taste bud! Check out the amazing flavors we’ve created especially for you.




Crab Rangoon
Wobbly Boots own crab rangoon filling slathered on our flatbread pizza crust and topped with our five-cheese pizza blend. It’s finished with fried wontons and a sweet chili drizzle. A customer favorite!

We start with our thin flatbread pizza crust, spread our homemade cheese sauce on top, add our five-cheese pizza blend, and top that with smoked ham, bacon crumbles, lettuce, and tomatoes, all drizzled with ranch dressing.

Buffalo Bacon Chicken & Jalapeno
Our flatbread covered in our chipotle buffalo sauce and topped with grilled chicken breast, bacon, jalapenos, and our five-cheese pizza blend, finished with ranch dressing.

BBQ Brisket
Our homemade BBQ sauce spread over our flatbread pizza crust and topped with slow-smoked brisket, red onion, and a combination of our five-cheese pizza blend & cheddar jack cheese. Outstanding flavor!!

Spinach Artichoke Chicken
Our homemade spinach artichoke dip generously spread over our flatbread and topped with five-cheese mozzarella blend, chicken, diced tomatoes, and finished with Parmesan cheese.



The next time that you have a craving for pizza (as we all do often,) head on over to our family-friendly restaurant in Des Moines and give one of our fantastic flatbreads a try. Here at the Boot, you can have your “pizza” and your BBQ too! We specialize in the most mouthwatering, hickory-smoked BBQ in the Midwest, but our diverse menu offers something tasty for everyone in the family.

Celebrate “Better Breakfast Month” Every Weekend at the Boot!

The month of September is “Better Breakfast Month,” and a better breakfast is exactly what you get every Saturday & Sunday when you join us for the best weekend brunch in Des Moines! We offer lots of hearty and delicious breakfast items at Wobbly Boots Roadhouse in Clive when we open early on the weekends at 9 am. To get you even more excited about that, here are a few reasons why breakfast is often called “the most important meal of the day.”

Breakfast Fuels Your Day

If you’ve gotten a full night’s sleep, it’s been a good 8-10 hours at least since the last time you ate. You need to refuel your body in the morning to give it the energy you need to get your day started on the right foot. A good breakfast is a perfect way to do this, and if you let yourself enjoy the many delicious choices we have to offer every weekend, you know it’s going to taste amazing too!

Breakfast Improves Your Mood

Without the energy you get from eating a good breakfast, you’re very likely to start your day feeling sluggish, irritable, and not at your best. A well-balanced meal early in the day keeps you alert, making you more productive, and ultimately improving your mood. Other things that will improve are your concentration, hand-eye coordination, creativity, and attention span. (You want all your wits about you when you’re enjoying all of those weekend football games!)

Breakfast Helps You Maintain a Healthy Weight

Many people think that if they skip breakfast, it means fewer calories will be consumed that day. On the contrary, missing breakfast means that you are much more likely to snack off and on, meaning you could end up taking in more calories than if you’d just let yourself have breakfast to begin with. You also get an early morning metabolism boost from breakfast which helps you burn calories throughout the day.

Better Breakfast Choices at the Boot

As we mentioned earlier, we serve a delicious brunch every Saturday & Sunday beginning at 9 am and we keep it going until 1:30 pm. That means it crosses over with lunch, giving you the chance to enjoy either one and make sure everyone in your group gets exactly what they’re hungry for. You’ll find breakfast classics that aren’t quite like our regular BBQ dishes, but there are also quite a few menu items that incorporate our award-winning hickory-smoked meats to create new breakfast favorites for you.

There are deliciously fun dishes like our Sausage, Egg, & Good Ol’ Gravy Pizza and our Wobbly Mac & Egg Bake Skillet. We’ve got perfectly portioned meals for the kids and plenty of a la carte options if you want to make up your own meal. The very best part about enjoying brunch at Wobbly Boots BBQ on the weekend this time of year is that you’re already in your favorite seat when all the college football games start on Saturday and you’re here early for NFL action every Sunday!  Get in the habit of enjoying a better breakfast every day and the best breakfast every weekend right here with us!



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