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The Importance of Happy Hour (It Does a Body Good!)

Taking a break from work stress and home responsibilities every once in a while is important for maintaining good mental health. That’s what the best Happy Hour in Des Moines is here to help you do! As a matter of fact, studies have shown that enjoying Happy Hour can be good for your physical health in some ways too.

Happy Hour Origins

Wobbly Boots Roadhouse didn’t create the concept of Happy Hour (although we have done a good job perfecting it!) “Happy Hours” were originally created as a form of entertainment to distract men out at sea from the day to day workings on the ship and keep them in good spirits. Rather than drinking, they would box, wrestle, enjoy music, or watch movies. During Prohibition, the term “Happy Hour” was picked up to describe the time when people would secretly meet for a few pre-dinner cocktails in private homes or speakeasies […]

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