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Burnt Ends – From Scraps to a Delicious Delicacy!

A customer favorite off the menu at Wobbly Boots Roadhouse in Clive is our flavorful burnt ends. Did you know that this delicious dish was originally discovered by accident? Pitmasters were only trying to create the perfect brisket but a second equally amazing food was invented. Our BBQ restaurant in Des Moines found our own way to perfect burnt ends but its origin story comes from another place famous for BBQ – Kansas City.

From Trash to Treasure

The fantastic menu item that people love today actually came from the end pieces of brisket that got cut off because they were too charred and fatty to be served. Once cut off, these pieces used to get thrown away, used for scraps in stews, or sometimes snacked on by the chefs.

As customers were waiting in line they would notice these ends begin piling up as the brisket was cut, and some would grab […]

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